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Tom Allwright

Tom's Story

I had a dream of playing AFL and after 15 years of preparation, I got that opportunity. Every young kid has big dreams and a big imagination. Over time, this is beaten out of us as we grow into adults, often losing sight of the big picture and big opportunities. What if we could tap into a space where you think bigger, think creatively and think energetically like you hadn’t ever before? What could you and your company achieve?


What do you think about a 15-course degustation meal at the North Pole? I’ve had the opportunity to create some of the most amazing experiences all around the world. And guess what, normal people can do remarkable things! It’s my job to make every obstacle in the way of your goal become insignificant.


Allow me to take you on a journey of growing up in a small rural community to playing AFL with one of the greatest teams of the modern era and how the lessons I’ve learnt, which has led to hosting unimaginable events around the world with Fortune 500 companies and A-List celebrities.

Tom Allwright_Portrait_Compressed.jpg

“It’s my mission to get as many people as possible to UNderstand that normal people can do remarkable things"

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