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So, your team isn't thinking big enough?

You come up with all the ideas with the hope that they'll implement them

I get it, I see your problem, and I have a solution.


So, you want me to host an event for you. Something that is completely left-field that is going to WOW your clients, staff or party-goers...


Let me tell you, it ain't going to be cheap, but do you want them to pay attention and stay with you?

Things I've done or that are coming up include:

  • A long lunch at the North Pole

  • Charity race through the Himalayas with celebrities in tuk-tuks

  • Closed down AFL stadium to ride our bikes with sports stars.

Do you get the point?


If you're still interested then let's chat.

Contact Tom



Deep Dive

What you get:

"I've learnt more during the three days following my friend passing away in my arms at Everest than I did during the years I played professional AFL..." 


Over the course of two days, we'll discuss all your problems, find solutions and give you the road map for action. We'll be battle-ready and go over the good, the bad and the ugly. You need to be ready to implement things you never thought you were capable of. 


2 days

Singing bowl therapy @ HH.png

5-Step Course

What you get:

How do you go from holding a failed professional sports career to hosting a long-lunch at the North Pole with your favourite type of client?

Implement my five-steps to making the most of a bad situation (I've had too many) and find out how normal people can do remarkable things.



5 x 2hr online sessions 

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