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Keynote Presentations

If you have a speaker who has organised a Long Lunch at the North Pole, Tuk-Tuk races with celebrities in the Himalayas or landed private jets in Antarctica, then you don't need me!


How it works...

Tom has spoken around the world to inspire action into leading businesses and executives looking to empower their people to think bigger, action ideas and ultimately, achieve more.

To ensure your purpose and objectives are being met we take a 30-minute principle first analysis of the audience to find a central point of focus to ensure your message is heard.

popular keynotes include

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Ideal for:

Schools and universities


In this presentation, audiences will discover what Tom wish he knew when preparing to enter the next phase of his life from schooling and into the real world. How he wish he had prepared when making major life decisions, which would have been of benefit to him today. They will hear about life in the Himalayas and what it was like being involved in one of the greatest AFL teams of the modern era.

Areas of discussion are based on trust, confidence and courage from the Geelong Cats, how he found perspective during the New York Marathon, and how he found his purpose, following a path which has eventually led to him hosting a million dollar event in the Arctic, one of his proudest achievements so far.


Ideal for:

Corporate and conferences


In this presentation, audiences will discover how finding my purpose has led to me hosting events for leading listed companies, which includes a million-dollar lunch.

What do you think of a 15-course degustation meal at the North Pole? It's been well documented that I have had the opportunity to create some of the most amazing experiences. What hasn't been documented is the way I learnt to make all the obstacles in the way of my destination insignificant to get to these opportunities. How would holding a mate on Everest watching him die change your perspective? How do you think you'd cope after preparing to play AFL for 15-years for it to all be over after two games for something totally out of your control?




Ideal for:

Corporate and conferences


In this presentation audiences discover the strategies Tom uses to inspire action, alignment and innovation for putting on the most amazing experiences. Have you raced Tuk-Tuk with celebrities through the Himalayas?


Performance optimization is crucial in all facets of business, life and sport. In professional sport, millions of dollars aren’t spent without some form of return on investment expectation, period. Believe me, I’ve seen how cut throat the AFL’s most successful team has had to be to continue its success over a long period of time. I was the meat that got chopped because I couldn’t add any more. What I learnt, is the strategies in place to make their business decisions easier to ensure this continued success. I’ve transferred this into being able to host the most amazing experiences in the world.

from championships to


Ideal for:

Schools and universities


It's my mission to help as many normal people achieve remarkable things as possible. In this presentation, audiences discover how normal people can do remarkable things. We discuss the attributes and toolkits normal people use to achieve remarkable things. Dream bigger, live better and make an impact.


I’ve had the opportunity to create some of the most amazing experiences, and along with this I’ve met some pretty amazing people. Guess what innate attributes they all have in common! Can you imagine the things you could achieve if there wasn’t the possibility of failure? What would you do? 

Normal People, Remarkable Things

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